10th Anniversary Photograph

10th Anniversary Photograph


Look at their faces. You know it all. 

They married the week he left for the war.  

Both are gentle, intelligent people,  

as all four of their parents were. 


They’ve never talked about much 

except the children. They love each other  

but never wondered why they married  

or had the kids or stayed together. 


It wasn’t because they knew the answers.  

They had never heard the questions  

that twisted through the jokes to come  

of Moses and the Ten Suggestions. 


They paid their debts and never doubted  

God rewarded faith and virtue 

or when you got out of line 

had big and little ways to hurt you. 


People walked alone in parks. 

Children slept in their yards at night.  

Most every man had a paying job, 

and black was black and white was white. 


Would you go back? Say that you can,  

that all it takes is a wave and a wink  

and there you are. So what do you do?  

The question is crueler than you think.

By Miller Williams

Photography by LM Chabot